Summer's HOTTEST Accessory Is....

If you can’t get enough of all things Barbie, just wait until this summer. That’s when HMD, short for Human Mobile Devices, the company behind Nokia-branded smartphones, says it’s launching a Barbie flip phone.

HMD is teaming up with Mattel, the toy maker who’s been bringing us Barbie and all her accessories since 1959, for a pink flip phone. But this won’t be the latest in cutting edge technology, instead, it’s a throwback to old school “dumb phones,” which have become popular again, especially with Gen Z.

  • The Barbie flip phone will be pink, but it won’t be connected to the Internet.
  • According to HMD, the device “promises to embody the vintage chic of the original girl empowerment brand with a dash of pink and of course, sparkle.”
  • It will look like a regular flip phone and will have buttons instead of a touch screen.
  • The hot pink phone will look similar to the flip phone accessory that comes with a lot of Barbie dolls.
  • No word yet on how much the Barbie phone will cost, but HMD says it will be out in July.

Source: CNBC

Photo: Getty Images

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