5 Colors to AVOID In Decorating

Color can influence our moods and emotions, so choosing the right shades is key. A team of experts, including color psychologists, decorators and interior experts reveal the five colors that can make a room feel unhappy and what to use to positively boost your mood and well-being.

  • Be cautious of red - The color can be too intense for some people, as it reminds us of danger and can also make some angry. Red can activate the fight or flight instinct and cause reactions similar to stress responses, including an increased heart rate and body temperature. But red also represents love, power and motivation and can be used as an accent color, if it doesn’t make you feel unhappy in your home.
  • Yellow can stimulate emotional responses - Color psychology specialist Karen Haller explains that yellow has an impact on the nervous system and should be used with consideration and care. While the wrong shade of yellow can lead to feelings of irritation and depression, Haller says yellow can be emotionally stimulating and make us feel confident, positive and optimistic.
  • Blue triggers mental responses - Too much blue or the wrong tone can leave you feeling sad, according to the experts. Blue isn’t a good choice for a dining room, as it’s the color most likely to suppress the appetite. But blue is a smart shade for the home office as certain shades of it can help increase concentration, focus and awareness.
  • Be aware of the adverse effects of gray - This color is calming for some, but it can make many people feel low and want to hibernate, Haller says. Still, gray is a popular color for home decorating as it’s really versatile and goes with just about any other color. If gray makes you feel safe and secure, keep using it.
  • Don’t overuse deeply saturated colors - Very intense colors can make a room feel unhappy, the experts explain. Deeply saturated shades are more likely to be stimulating, while those that are not as intense can be more soothing. Softer, lighter and pastel tones can soothe and calm, so using the right tone can make all the difference in the way it makes you feel.

Source: Homes and Gardens

Photo: Getty Images

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