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Fans of Trader Joe’s know that one of the best things about shopping there is the new items they roll out every season. Finding new favorites is almost enough to make up for the fact that some of our beloved products disappear from shelves to make room for the new ones. The only downside? Things change up so often at TJ’s, it can be hard to keep up and not miss out.

These are a few of the new summer items Trader Joe’s has to offer, and you’ll want to get them while you can:

  • Enchanted Jangle - At Christmas they have Jingle Jangle, then it was Springle Jangle and now for summer, they have Enchanted Jangle. This sweet and salty snack mix contains lemon-yogurt-coated animal cookies, chocolate-covered pretzel nuggets, strawberry-yogurt-coated marshmallows, pink and red swirled candy chips and waffle pretzels.
  • S'mores Clusters - These mini marshmallows and graham crackers coated with milk chocolate are great straight out of the bag, or microwave them for a few seconds to make them even better.
  • Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers - TJ’s keeps finding ways to bring us their Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. These are like a bagel and cream cheese in mini cracker sandwich form.
  • Ube Purple Yam Flavored Ice Cream - This has been a favorite for the last few years and it’s back for summer. It’s made with purple yams that give it the bold purple color and its creamy, nutty flavor, that’s subtle, kind of like vanilla with a little more depth.
  • Mee Krob Snackers - They’re crunchy cubes of thin, crispy-fried rice noodles coated in a sweet-and-sour sauce, and they’re gluten-free and vegan, too.
  • Oat Chocolate Bars with crispy rice and cocoa nibs - Similar to a crunch bar, but dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and vegan.
  • French Heritage Saint Paulin Cheese - This mild, creamy, semi-soft cheese goes well with fruit, or makes a next level grilled cheese.
  • Organic Jalapeño Limeade - You’ll need something to sip on with all these snacks, and this tart, sweet, slightly spicy limeade will do the trick. Enjoy it over ice or mix with tequila for a tasty summer cocktail.

Source: PopSugar

Photo:Getty Images

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