College Baseball Player Hit By Pitch Seven Times During Doubleheader

Sacramento State's Matt Masciangelo probably needed extra hydro therapy after Friday's baseball doubleheader. 

Masciangelo was hit by pitches seven times in his eight at-bats against Loyola Marymount. He was plunked three times in the first game and four in the nightcap. 

Matt was amused by the day. He told, "After the third HBP in the first game, I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. It's not every day you find yourself trotting to first base, multiple times, without swinging."

He added, "I guess it was after that moment I realized this was completely ludicrous. I had four more balls unfortunately find me after that, but hey, I’ll take the on-base-percentage bump."   

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