Watch: Can you believe "Goonies" turns 38 today? Here's trailer from 1985

The 80s classic "The Goonies" came out in theaters 38 years ago TODAY! What an all time great movie and it's aged really well.

We all wanted to be a "Goonie" in the Summer of '85 and we all wanted to go down that water slide that led to the pirate ship (sorry for the spoiler but it's been out 38 years).

I even went to Astoria, Oregon to see where Mikey and Bran the time, it was underwhelming. Maybe it's better now :)

There were several Goonies movie trailers that came out before its debut on June 7, 1985 including one that made "The Goonies" look like a horror film.

The TRAILER HERE seems a little more inline with what I recall from the Goonies.

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