Kid Curry

Photo: Alison Schwartz

Provided by Sheets Pet Clinic:

Kid Curry, born approximately 5/10/2021, of the "Wild Bunch" gang (a litter of spicy kittens named after the infamous train-robbing outlaws of the late 19th century), has traded in his feral kitten badge for a hand-knitted, royal blue scarf. Goodbye to the rough and rugged streets and hello to props and ridiculous shenanigans that indoor kitties get to put up with. Kid Curry will mesmerize you with his big, round, bold, golden eyes and super shiny, silky fur. He has GIANT paws and is destined to grow into a rather large house panther. As big and brave as he has become, he is still the babiest one of his litter and will whine until he gets his way. Whether it be extra meal times, cuddles, wand-toy sessions, or to be with another kitty mate, he will sing the song of his people until you give in. He would make a wonderful companion to a lonely kitty at home since he craves to be with other cats. When he meets new people or is a new space, he can tend toward his formerly timid ways, but flip him over on his back and coddle him like a baby and he will rev up his purr motor and turn on his charm. He'll even let you rub his squishy belly and massage his delicious black toe beans.

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