Doja Cat Launches New Beauty Line In Collaboration With BH Cosmetics

Photo: Getty Images

Doja Cat has joined the ranks of celebrities launching their own beauty lines as she teams up with BH Cosmetics for her first-ever makeup collection. Speaking with Allure, the "You Right" rapper revealed that the new line has been a full-circle moment for her, as the first pallet she had ever bought had been from BH Cosmetics at the age of 14.

Doja Cat's new collection sees several different palates that contain earthy tones and vibrant hues to match her recent LP, Planet Her. Colorful eyeliners, brush sets, and mascaras are also available in the new line, and the products were tested by the singer herself, created so that they can be applied just perfectly. Not too smooth, not too flakey, but just right. Those desperate to get their hands on the new products will be able to here, and the line will be made available in stores at Ulta starting on October 3.

"I'm a huge stickler when it comes to having those pigments pop out the best that they can," Doja Cat told Allure.

The singer has also found herself hoping to be able to create intricate designs within her makeup while performing but sometimes does not see the point in doing so because it's difficult for the cameras and crowd to pick up the finer details. "You're so far away from everyone, and those cameras need to catch everything," she said. "It's hard to do dots, [thin] lines, and little intricacies. They feel kind of pointless because they don't register."

Doja Cat has remained busy in recent weeks. In addition to her new makeup line, the singer hosted and performed at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. She also recently sold a single edition NFT for $188K for OneOf, with Doja Cat's item serving as the largest auctioned item in Tezos history.

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