Photo: A Schwartz

Davy is 10 months old, and is an energetic sweetheart. He was found on Labor Day weekend 2021 on I40 in Davie county after either being thrown from or falling out from underneath a car. A Good Samaritan rescued him and he ended up under the care of Helping Hands 4 Paws the next day. Davy's right front leg was shattered but one of our partner vets was able to save his leg by many weeks of splinting and crate rest. His leg healed but he still has a slight limp at times but that does not slow this little guy down in the least.  

Davy is the ringleader of all the wrestling matches with the other older kittens in the foster home and if his friends aren't available he wrestles with his favorite stuffed monkey. He loves to run up and down the steps as well as chase different toys around the house. He has the loudest purr and a sweet baby meow, especially around meal time when he wants you to know he is ready to eat. He can even get a bit dramatic while waiting for a meal by laying down on the floor and faking being too famished to wait for his food. Davy keeps his foster family laughing constantly and loves a good head rub, though he still has a lot of kitten left in him so he isn't a lap cat right now because he is too busy playing. Yet, he does like to snuggle up on the foot of the bed at night. He definitely would not do well as the only cat as he likes having other friendly cats around to play with most of the day.

Anyone interested in adopting him can inquire by sending an email to catsofhpps@gmail.com. Here is his Petfinder Link as well https://www.petfinder.com/cat/davy-53216031/nc/winston-salem/helping-hands-4-paws-nc776/

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