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What You Can And Cannot Donate to Goodwill

As you declutter the bathroom, or downsize your wardrobe, remember what you can (and can't) donate.

Clothing, of course. And any type of fabric. They can accept stained or ripped items, as they can be recycled.

Working and nonworking computers and equipment. They can refurbish and resell computers, or recycle the parts through a partnership with Dell.




Home décor

Some locations will even accept used vehicle donations.

What you can’t donate.

  • Items with safety recalls such as children’s car seats, high chairs, baby beds, or swings
  • Large appliances like refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, or air conditioners
  • Hazardous chemicals (paints, thinners, gas or oil-based products, and cleaning supplies)
  • Broken or heavily damaged furniture


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