Don't say "Sorry" at Work

Some of us “over-apologize” in the workplace. Mistakes are inevitable and it’s important to own up to them, but the way you respond can be perceived as lacking confidence. So, TikToker and career expert Sam (@apowermood) shared the perfect alternatives for saying sorry at work.

  • Instead of “sorry I’m late” say… “Thanks for waiting for me, I appreciate your patience."
  • Instead of “sorry I messed up” say… "Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to get up-to-speed on that."
  • Instead of “sorry I’ll do better” say… “Thank you for the feedback, I'm on it for next time."
  • Instead of “sorry to bother you” say… “Is now a good time for a quick question?"

Source: Refinery29

Photo: Getty Images

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