How to be a Great House Guest

Many of us will be opening our doors for loved ones to come stay or going to stay at their homes. There’s a lot of work involved with being a good host, especially during the holidays, so you want to be on your best behavior while taking over your sister-in-law’s spare bedroom or your aunt’s den for a few days. Want to be the best house guest ever? Here are a few things to avoid during your stay.

  • Leaving your stuff around their house- The biggest no-nos are the bathroom and the common area so don’t leave your makeup and hair products all over the counter or wet towels on the floor. And always try to gather your bags, shoes and coats so they don’t clutter up the house.
  • Showing up with unexpected guests- A wise woman once said, “Guestsdo notbring guests,” and this goes for your furry friends, too. Never show up with your pet unless the host has made it clear that pets are welcome and don’t bring uninvited people with you either.
  • Being inconsiderate of noise levels- Be aware of how loud you’re being no matter what time of day or night it is. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, try not to awaken others during your visit.
  • Not offering to help clean up- Your host may continually tell you to go sit down and relax, but you should keep offering to help clean up after meals. And while we’re on the subject, don’t leave your wine glasses or coffee mugs around the house either, go ahead and wash them up yourself to help you reach your goal of being the best house guest ever.
  • Being demanding- Whether it’s meal times or entertaining outings, try to go with the flow and stick to the host’s schedule while you’re in their home.
  • Forgetting a gift for the host- It can be as simple as a candle or a bottle of wine, but don’t show up empty handed when coming to stay with someone. And after you leave, be sure to send a thank you note, too.
  • Overstaying your welcome- Stick to the number of nights you’ve discussed with the host in advance of your visit and don’t put them on the spot by asking to extend it. Otherwise you might not be welcomed back again.

Source:Southern Living

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