So, Which Generation Tips The Best?

Tipping extra during the holiday season is a great way to show service workers appreciation for their work during the long year. According to a survey from, nearly half of Americans plan to increase their tips to service workers for the holidays.

The survey was broken up by generations revealing that Gen Z is actually the most likely to tip the most. 51% of Gen Z-ers say they plan to give larger tips compared to:

  • 48% of millennials
  • 43% of Gen X-ers
  • 42% of Boomers also says that since the service industry nowadays is made up mostly of Gen Z and Millennials, it would make sense that Gen Z is just “watching out for their own.” It’s also more common for anyone who has ever worked in the service industry to tip more in general.

Senior industry analyst, Ted Rossman does note that the survey only measures how much people are intending to tip this holiday season. So, these percentages aren’t actual. The real amount tipped could be much lower.


Photo: Getty Images

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