Best Time to Drink Coffee

According to studies, the alertness you feel after a cup of coffee can last up to six hours. So, is it better to drink it first thing in the morning, or wait until the afternoon for a pick-me-up? Here’s what the research and nutritionists have to say:

Factor In Your Age. For 20-somethings, morning coffee is the way to go. A study found that when college students drank coffee before a 6 a.m. test, their grades improved. The same could not be said for students walking into their 2 p.m. classes with a large iced coffee. On the other hand, our parents and grandparents should start adding an afternoon cup to their routine to fight off the decline in memory adults have after 65.

Depends On Your Body’s Particular Biology. According to professor Zhaoping Li from the University of California, our entire body doesn’t wake up at the same time. You can drink coffee and wake up your brain but your other body parts might not cooperate, and that’s why you still feel sluggish after slamming an espresso. Li says it’s best to simply try drinking coffee at different hours of the workday until you find the right one. Like Goldilocks with a Starbucks gift card.


Photo: Getty Images