Bad Allergies? Here's Help!

Allergies are the worst! Even if it's just sneezing, they can be annoying. But I have friends who sometimes get allergies so badly that their eyes swell shut!

For pollen, limit your time outdoors and keep doors and windows closed. After being outside, take a hot shower and change into some new clothes. Air out your clothes in a dryer instead of sun drying. Always take your shoes off at the door and recirculate the air in your house and car.

For dust, wash your bedding in hot water at least once a week. And for mold, reduce moisture in your bathroom and kitchen by using a Hepa air filter.

It’s also recommended to talk to an allergist about over-the-counter medications that you can take like antihistamines and topical nasal steroid sprays. However, they should just be taken for a short term.

(MayoClinic) Photo: Getty/Roy Morsch