Surprising Stress Busters

It happens to all of us..STRESS!

But, there are some unique ways to handle stress and some just may surprise you.

1. Get a plant that purifies the air. A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology shows that touching and smelling indoor plants reduces stress. Get a plant that also purifies the air, like the ones NASA uses to purify the air in the Space stations. Plants like English Ivy and Peace Lily Make your indoor space less toxic. Experts also suggest you name your plant! It will ensure you will take better care of it.

2. Chew bubble gum. Chewing gum is a great way to alleviate stress. Studies show that people who chew gum twice a day had way less stress than non gum chewers. If gum isn’t your thing....try carrots, celery or apples. The rhythm of the chewing is what reduces stress.

3. Make the mundane a mindful experience. When doing those boring chores, focus on the pleasant aspects of the activity. If you are folding laundry, enjoy the fresh smell of towels just coming out of the dryer, or relax while the warm soapy water soothes your hands and soul while washing the evening dishes. You get the idea. Find something positive in those everyday mundane chores.

4. Remember your personal values. This can put stress in its place when you remember what you stand for and put things in perspective. When you realize you are stronger that the stress, it will lessen its power over you.

5. Embrace The Race! Yes stress can be positive. It pushes us to do more and try harder. We can learn and grow from the stress in our lives.... so bring it on! Use the stress in your life as energy to be and do more. Everyone deals with stress so embrace it and make it work for you!! You got this... it doesn’t have you!

6. Supplement and protect your immunity. Remember that stress can take a toll on your immunity. So protect your most valuable asset and get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise.

Whatever method you try remember that “stressed” spelled backwards is Desserts...Have a scoop of ice cream or your favorite cake or brownie....Just don’t have the the entire thing at once.