Four Powerful Phrases To Use At Work!

Ready to sound like a boss at work? Even if you don’t feel like it, there are some phrases you can pull out that will make your coworkers think you are powerful. Here are the sentences the experts believe could make you sound confident enough to have your managers worried you’re coming for their jobs:

  • “Here’s What I Can Do For You.” According to communication expert Renée Evenson, you should be dropping ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary and replacing it with “here’s what I can do for you.” This way you keep the conversation going while letting the client or colleague know exactly what your boundaries are. This makes you sound flexible.People love flexibility.
  • I’ll Find Out. You could make up an answer if you get questioned about something you don’t know… but since that doesn’t tend to work for long, telling someone you’ll look into something for them is a great alternative. Evenson says it “gives [the person asking] an assurance that you care enough to go one step further to get the right answer.”
  • I’m Glad You Like It. You might think that dismissing praise at work makes you seem humble but really it just waters down your accomplishments. Stop saying ‘it was nothing ’immediately and start saying “I’m glad you like it” and be proud of your work.
  • I Want To Help. Take it from anyone who’s ever been in a relationship. Telling someone to “calm down” usually has the opposite effect. What you should be doing is validating their feelings, letting them know you hear them and tell them “I want to help.”

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Source:Fast Company

Photo: Getty Images