WEIRDEST excuses given for being late to work! Check these out:

CareerBuilder asked human resource managers to share some of the weirdest excuses employees have used for being late for work.

• “A Vaseline truck overturned on the highway and cars were slipping left and right.”

• “I thought of quitting today, but then decided not to, so I came in late.”

• “I had to chase my cows back into the field.”

• “My cow bit me.”

• “All of my clothes were stolen.”

• “I was confused by the time change and unsure if it was ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back.'”

• “A black bear entered my carport and decided to take a nap on the hood of my car.”

• “There was fresh powder on the hill. I had to go skiing.”

• “I’m too fat to get into my work pants.”

• “I cut my fingernails too short, they’re bleeding and I have to go to the doctor.”

• “I was walking my dog and slipped on a toad in my driveway and hurt my back.”

Once, I used the excuse that I missed a flight because I was celebrating an event with senior management members of our company... like at the corporate level. It was true, but it didn't really go over well... yeah. What about you? Ever give some sort of insane excuse for being late to work or a work event/meeting? What was it?