Mechanic Spends Weeks Repairing Woman's Wheelchair Lift

Here's today's feel-good story:

Christian Barber, a mechanic in Rhode Island, went above and beyond the call of duty to make a customer happy. Barber was tasked with fixing the wheelchair lift for Linda Abrant on her truck.

Abrant and Barber had met during the pandemic while she was doing laps in her wheelchair for exercise. She needed air in her tires and Barber was more than happy to help out. When she told him about her poorly constructed wheelchair lift in her truck, Barber agreed to help her out and to make it right while the original company had become unresponsive.

Barber spent six weeks fixing the lift for Abrant.

“I trusted him and it’s really hard to find a mechanic that you trust,” she said. “It just shows there are good people in the world.”

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