This Is The Strangest Food In North Carolina

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Have you ever traveled to another state and been shocked at what some of the residents eat? Each state, and even specific areas within that state, have regional delicacies that locals swear by but that would cause outsiders to stop and question just what it is they are chowing down on.

24/7 Wall St. found the weirdest foods from around the country, compiling a list of the strangest dish in each state. From a banana and mayo sandwich in Alabama to jackalope summer sausage in Wyoming, the list is full of wonderfully wild culinary combinations. However, just because something is called "strange" doesn't mean it isn't worth trying! According to the site:

"'Strange is, of course, a subjective term. ... It should be stressed that just because the foods on our list might be considered strange, they aren't necessarily unpleasant. Some of them may seem like bad ideas, but many of them are genuinely delicious. And all of them are worth at least considering if you're someplace where they're served."

North Carolina may be best known for its Southern cuisine and barbecue, but the strangest food in the Tar Heel State is livermush, a dish typically found in the South. Here's what 24/7 Wall St. had to say:

"It's liver, all right, of the pork variety, mushed together with morsels of pig's head meat and cornmeal, formed into rectangles, and fried into something that has been described as looking like burnt Pop-Tarts."

Check out 24/7 Wall St.'s full list to see the strangest foods around the county.

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