This North Carolina Restaurant Has The Best Milkshake In The Entire State

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Milkshakes are the perfect choice to treat yourself on a hot day, and even as the temperatures start to cool, you may still find yourself craving the decadent dessert. Fortunately, there are plenty of shops that serve the cold treat all year round.

LoveFood recently compiled a list of the best milkshakes in each state, from tried-and-true traditional flavors to over-the-top creations.

"Milkshakes are about as American as apple pie, and every state has their own mouthwatering options. Here, we've picked the best of them, from towering freakshakes heavy with toppings to deliciously understated chocolate or vanilla options."

So what is the best milkshake in North Carolina?

Jitterbug from The Hop Handcrafted Ice Cream

With a name like The Hop Handcrafted Ice Cream, it's no surprise that this Asheville spot whips up the best milkshake in the state. Here's what LoveFood had to say:

"Want your milkshake to serve as a wake-up call? Head to Asheville haunt The Hop and order a Jitterbug. It's made with PennyCup Coffee Co. (a local staple) cold brew and, after a brief hiatus, it's been back on the menu by popular demand since 2020. Get it whipped cream and lashings of hot fudge sauce."

Check here to see the full list.

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