'I am resentful,' | Business owners weigh in on Phase 2 extension

Some businesses said Governor Roy Cooper's decision to extend Phase 2 is irrational, others said he’s doing the right thing.

A to Zen Massage Wellness Spa in Greensboro could have opened months ago under Phase 2.

But owner Felicia Brown said it's not worth the risk.

“I felt a responsibility to my team and clients," Brown said. "We didn't feel it was the proper timing. We know our industry more than a governor, president or any elected official."

Brown is fully on board with Cooper's decision to extend Phase 2 five more weeks.

“Other states that have lifted restrictions quickly have had to go backward as their hospital capacity ran dangerously low and their cases jumped higher," Cooper said. "We will not make that mistake in North Carolina.”

Brown said she has a virtual business, so money isn’t an issue for her.

“I'm fortunate enough to where I can afford to stay closed,” Brown said.

Fair Witness cocktail bar owner Blake Stewart and his employees aren't as fortunate.

“I understand but I am resentful with the irrational way that taverns and bars have been treated. I've had to fire my staff or let them go twice," Stewart said. "People I care about. People with families."

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