Gov Cooper said there will be an official announcement on schools next week

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  • Governor Cooper said there will be an official announcement on schools next week, as well as an update on the executive 'safer-at-home' order. 
  • Thursday was the highest day for hospitalizations and the second-highest day for new cases. 
  • Cooper said labs are experiencing a delay in testing statewide. 
  • NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen said we aren't in "dire straights" like some states when it comes to hospitalizations. We still have hospital bed and ICU capacity, but state leaders are monitoring this closely. 
  • Cohen said new cases in the state are increasing. 
  • The percentage of positive cases remains stable between 8-10 percent, but Cohen would like that number to be at five percent. 
  • Cohen said the Charlotte area is on high alert for hospitalization capacity.
  • Cohen said state leaders are working on ways to accommodate high-risk teachers and students before returning to classrooms. 
  • Cohen said younger children are less likely to transmit the virus. She said teachers are more likely to spread the virus by congregating or by not wearing a face-covering in the school setting. 
  • Cohen said there isn't one particular event (like protests or other mass gatherings) that is related to the increase in cases, but rather, health officials are seeing more spread in the workplace.