Lora and Matt Fly High

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Take the controls. Women fly! 

No flight experience or preparation required.*

Diva Flight is an activity that puts women in the pilot’s seat, at the flight controls, flying a real airplane.

An intermission from the ordinary, Diva offers a unique opportunity to help women transcend personal boundaries and connect with their inner "Diva”. It is literally an uplifting adventure that takes women to new heights within and without - above personal and earthly limitations.

And it comes from an unlikely source. A field that has long been considered a "Boys' Club" (only 5% of the pilot population is female) –aviation offers women a chance to discover their power through the freedom of flight. 

Caution: Possible side effects may evoke a feisty spirit and kick-ass “you go, girl” attitude!

In this exclusive program, Diva Flight invites gals of all ages from all walks of life to experience, first hand, the power of piloting an airplane; ultimately discovering how taking command of an aircraft is a metaphor for taking control of her life.

Diva Flight is an inner flight journey and confidence builder that stretches one’s wings, engaging the soul through the splendor of flight.

Women discover that if they can learn to fly a plane, they can accomplish most anything. The empowerment is contagious.

Fly with Diva Flight Founder and seasoned FAA Certified Flight Instructor MayCay Beeler by your side with one-on-one direction. Diva Flight includes introductory flight instruction in a personal aircraft that will take you to higher altitudes of self confidence and personal power.

You provide the spunk to leave the mundane behind. We provide the life changing retreat. 

Tap into your power. 

Depart the ordinary. 

Diva Flight is a journey into one’s self, one’s aircraft, and one’s yearning for something more.

Available exclusively from pilot MayCay Beeler at TAA Flight Training, Piedmont Triad International Airport, Greensboro, NC. 336.369.2804.


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